A feast of scents and flavours, an opportunity to sample local delicacies, enjoy dinners serving local specialities, but also attend meetings, visit buy perfect online breitling fake watches exhibitions, or ramble among the peaceful olive orchards. Next week-end, on Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th we shall be happy to welcome you to Cavaion Veronese, where we will be hosting the second edition of WardaGarda, the festival celebrating Garda PDO oil in its homeland.
A two-day event promoted by Consorzio Olio Garda DOP with the assistance of Pro Loco Cavaion Veronese,dedicated to whoever wants to learn more about quality oil and PDO and PGI delicacies produced in our region.
The appointment is in Corte Torcolo, headquarters of the Consortium, in the heart of the Garda oil district, surrounded by acres and acres of olive groves. The programme is rich and varied, with workshops on how to taste and pair oil, cooking shows, excursions, dinners, art exhibitions and live music. There will also be a farm market, where you can discover all the certified PDO/GPI specialities produced in our region.



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